Suffering From Hair Loss? Know The Best Preventions And Alternatives


hair lossAre you suffering from excessive hair loss problem? Then know some effective preventions and alternatives that can help you. Hair loss is a very critical problem and if you are suffering from a premature hair loss, then you must take proper precautions to cure the problem or find an alternative way to cover your scalp.

Let’s take a tour of how you can prevent this severe health hazard that you are suffering from.

Hair loss cure

When you are suffering from hair loss, you should visit a cosmetologist for a proper diagnosis of the problem. The doctor will check and let you know about the reason behind the excessive loss if hair. Besides, you will also be prescribed with some medicines or natural way of preventing the excess hair fall.

Top reasons of unnatural hair fall

  • Tension is one of the reasons behind abnormal hair fall. If you are suffering from acute hypertension and trauma, unfortunately, that can affect the normal heath of your beautiful hair.
  • If you are under medication for any chronic disease, you may suffer from the loss of hair. Cancer patients, undergoing chemotherapies often lose their precious mane because of the high dosage of medicines given during the therapy.
  • Premature hair fall can also be hereditary. If you are losing hair before aging, you may be carrying the legacy of losing the hair from your father and forefathers.
  • Post pregnancy loss of hair is also a very common. Many women suffer from this problem from their pregnancy days. Along with various post-pregnancy hassles.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most viable ways of restoring the falling hair. Instead of various other ways of restoring the falling hair, hair transplant is more effective. Though, this will be an expensive venture for you, but if you are looking forward to a permanent solution, this will worth your investment.

All you need is to find a reputed doctor who is reputed for offering world-class hair transplant solution to hundreds of patients suffering from premature full or partial baldness. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) are the two most well-known procedures of hair transplant. You cannot judge which one will be your best option. Leave it to your cosmetologist who is diagnosing you.  You can decide to go for the treatment on the same day of consultation and after a few hours you can go for your workplace too. This is not like the usual surgeries.

The doctors will let you know about the pros and cons of the treatment. Nowadays, they use advanced technology so that the redness on the scalp can be reduced.

Wig creation

If you think that the cures such as natural remedies or the medications are not working, you can also opt for a wig. Nowadays, you can get fully laced wigs that give a natural look. Try different hair styles with all new wigs every day. Most importantly this is a very affordable way of covering the scalp.

Top 5 Shampoos Which Are Used As Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


anti hair loss shampooMost of the people in the world have to worry about their hair falling problem. It’s an embarrassing matter to join a party with family. There are a plenty of solves to reduce hair loss. Now, most of the shampoo manufacturing companies provide curable shampoos. But it is tough to choose the best one for reducing hair loss. In this case people need to concentrate on some essential things. Besides, users need to understand the conditions of their hair.

L’Oreal:  It is one of the most popular shampoos throughout the world. L’Oreal provides some special shampoos for reducing hair loss. L’Oreal total repair 5 Shampoo is one of them. This shampoo works better for dry hair, rough hair and spilt ends. Besides, it can be used as the solution of breakage problem. After all, it can be a great shampoo for people. L’Oreal total repair 5 Shampoo offers distinguished products for man and woman. After using one month, people will find shine hair again. The aroma of the shampoo is unprecedented.

Himalaya anti hair fall system:  Himalaya manufactures and supplies their anti hair fall shampoo throughout the world. Most of the hair specialists refer Himalaya products in subcontinent as the cure of hair fall. The fabulous fragrance of the products spreads within a second. The shampoo works better than any other shampoo as remedy of hair fall. The users get the finest result of using this product within two weeks. Extracts of Eclipta Alba and Butea Frondosa are good for hair and these are vastly used to produce this product and it ensures less hair fall.

Pantene anti hair fall shampoo: Pantene is the product which is vastly used in the world for various purposes. Their anti hair fall shampoo earned huge popularity. A secret vitamin formula is used to reduce hair fall and will help for hair growth. Plenty of specialists work in this company and they ensure the proper measurement of the product. People will have found the result with continued result.

Sun-silk anti hair fall shampoo: Sun – silk anti hair fall shampoo manufactures their products on the basis of user’s requirement. Maximum number of hair specialists and nutrition specialists work in this company to ensure the proper measurement and well products. Normally, sunsilk use different natural plants in their products to ensure more perfection. Hair fall will be diminished within 1 month. After using one month consecutively people will be launching to get result.

Dove anti hair fall shampoo: Dove is the most popular shampoo manufacturing company in the world. The user amount of dove is increasing day by day. Their products are vastly known throughout the world too. Nutrition specialists are working in this company to measure the proper vitamin formulation. Natural things are used highly to enhance the activities of the product. People who have rough hair and silky hair can easily use this product. The continuous use of three or four weeks will reduce the complicacy of hair fall.

Before using each of the product above people need to follow the instructions and precautions of the product.

Home Remedies For Your Hair Care


Home-Remedies-for-HairHair being an important part of your personality needs your special attention. Gone were the days when people used to thing that all they need to do with their hair is wash them. Today, people know the important of healthy looking hair and are keen to the good care of them. There are different types of fancy hair care products that are easily available in the market. However, not everyone can afford to use these fancy hair care products on regular basis. This is the time when people realize the importance of home remedies to keep their hair healthy.

It’s not just women either. Men too are opting for hair care regimes, and there is even a Chicago-based beard transplant clinic to cater for their needs.

There are a lot of home remedies that you can use when it comes to hair care. Some of these remedies are as follow:

Use oil:

This is one of the oldest and most easiest home remedy that everyone should follow. Oiling your hair might sound very old to you but the benefits you will get out of it are worth trying it. You should oil you hair at least 2-3 times a week. It would be in best of your hair interest to apply oil and keep it over night. However, in case you cannot do you, it is recommended to keep them for minimum 2 hours.

Almond and butter:

Now this might be a new thing that you are going to hear. You all must be aware of the nutrition value almond has, however not everyone knows that how good it is for your hair. To use almonds, all you need to do is put 2 table spoon of pure butter in a frying pan and let it heat. Once your butter is heated, add few almonds in it and let them burn. Yes, you read it right, you need to burn almonds. Once your almonds are completely burned, now you can apply butter in the roots your hair. This easy to make remedy is perfect to get strong hair as well as to increase your hair growth.

Baking soda:

Now this is the surprising bit for a lot of people. You all must know that baking soda is something that is used for the cooking purpose. However, another use of baking soda that not a lot of people know about is to use it for the healthier hair. Take small quantity of the baking soda and make paste of it by simply adding some water. Once you have washed your hair with shampoo, now you can apply this paste on your hair. This remedy works as hair condition but is much more effective and cheap.

Yogurt and egg:

This is literally one of the coolest remedies that everyone needs to use especially in summer. Take a small bowl of yogurt and add one egg as well as few drops of oil it. Mix it well and form a thick paste. Cover your hair with this paste and wash your hair after few hours. Using this remedy you will get unimaginably smooth and silky hair in less than few horus.

What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health


hairMost people visualize their hair as being separate from the body. Hair is actually an extension of the body that can expose a lot of our health to other people.

Limp and fine

If you had a lustrous and thick hair, and it seems to not be the same, you might have been swimming, turning it to be fine and limp, the cause of that may be the chlorinated water. Or you maybe dyed your hair recently, causing the mentioned effect. Review what you have done recently, that probably affected your hair, so it isn’t the same as before.

Dry and limp

This can mark hypothyroidism, where your thyroid gland produces less hormones, slowing down your metabolism. Some other signs might be gaining weight, or getting cold most of the time. If you have doubts about your health, you should visit your doctor and do thyroid tests. There’s also medication that helps with hormones that you can take.


People that have dandruff can treat it with special shampoos that can treat it easily. If you end up turning dandruff into thick patches, you might suffer from psoriasis, a disease that affects the skin, making the cell turnover process to speed up. If you have autoimmune diseases, you are exposed to psoriasis, so be careful about it and get it checked.

Hair loss

Average hair loss per day is around 250 hairs. This is normal and natural, but if you actually do lose more, and your hair feels thinner, it might be because you’ve gone through some stress, for an example fights in a relationship, maybe a divorce, or financial problems. In some cases, it can be related to hypothyroidism or hormonal problems. There is also medication that can cause hair loss.
If you seize that you’re losing hair, it’s mostly recommended to visit a doctor and talk to him about all the symptoms that you had, because hair loss can relate to a lot of things. And if you do think that the medications that you might be taking are the problem, don’t stop taking them unless the doctor tells you to.


You also have to be careful about how much proteins you’re eating. Because your hair contains keratin, and that is found in proteins, so if you don’t take enough proteins, you might end up feeling your hair weakened. It might also relate to your thyroid problems, if you do have some, so go talk to a doctor about it.

Avoiding hair loss

In order to avoid hair loss, it’s recommended to wash your hair often, but not every day. Washing once in 2-3 days should be perfect for your hair. Washing it too often can because you scalp problems, and it can even get you to suffer of skin diseases, or you can just lose a lot of hairs every day. Also, to keep it healthy, you have to get a haircut as often as possible, as soon as you seize that your hair has grown too much.

Face Shape And Different Hairstyles


Beauty is one of the very important factors in the world. People now not only focus to have beautiful soul but they also want to look charming all the time. There are a lot of things that plays an important role in the overall personality of a person and hairstyle is one of them. Yes, hairstyle is one of the most important things that play an important role in the overall appearance of a person. Unfortunately there are not a lot of people who know this important thing, which is why people hardly pay any importance to their hairstyle.

Types of face:

Every human being is born with different type of face shape, i.e. round, oval, diamond, etc. people should know their face type and decide their hairstyle according to it. Yes, the hairstyle should be according to the type of face that you have.

Round face:

One of the most common types of face cut is round. People who have round face usually give chubby look. This is the reason that they should be extra careful when it comes to hairstyle. The best hairstyle for the round face is straight hair. Giving your hair waves or curls is going to make your hair big. However, if you want make your hair look small then you can try giving them little bit height by backcombing them. Moreover, people with round face should avoid center partition of the hair and should go for the side partition.

Oval face:

People with oval face usually have a slim face appearance. It is very easy for them to pull of different hairstyles without any hassle. However, the best hairstyle for the people with the oval face is to go for the up-do. Making a nice and easy side messy bun will help them to enhance the feature of their face plus it goes with all types of occasions. Moreover, they should avoid keeping their hair on front or opting flick cut as it will not go with their face type.

Diamond face:

People who have diamond shape face style are the one that faces most of the problems. There are few hair styles that go with their face cut and straight hair is one of them. However, an important thing that they need to remember is that they should never go for any type of hair partition. Pulling back their hair from front is the best option for them. They can go for have catch hairstyle and let one side of the fair fall on the front. This hairstyle is one of the easiest one to pull.
Regardless the face type you have, in order to get perfect hairstyle, it is very important for you to take good care of your hair. You should apply oil to your hair on regular basis. Moreover, getting hair cut every once in a while is also the key to healthy looking hair. However, make sure that you are not experimenting much with the texture of your hair.